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Specializing in litigation within Civil, Criminal and Family Law 






The fundamental right to raise one's child lies at the heart of our country.  Meanwhile, every child deserves a voice in the matter as well.  We represent parents and children in child custody matters.  High-level advocacy skills are necessary to navigate this high-stakes process.  We 'go to the mat' for our clients with a focus on the law and its 'best interests of the child' standard at every turn, working with experts in other fields to build a case based on scientific evidence.  Flowing from every child custody case is the issue of child support as well, another area of our focus. 


Divorce cases come in many shapes and sizes.  On one end of the spectrum, a couple has reached an agreement and simply needs the court to finalize the matter.  Here, we believe in simplifying the process and keeping costs down so that our clients can keep more of their precious assets.  On the other end of the spectrum, valuable assets hang in the balance and high-level advocacy is necessary to fight back when spouses use the court process for financial gamesmanship.  Here, we work with professionals in other fields - accountants, financial advisors, appraisers, and other valuation experts - to build your best possible case.  No matter the shape or size of your divorce, we will work hard to meet your needs and protect your hard-earned assets.



Business law covers a wide variety of legal services, specifically targeted toward the needs of business owners and entities. Two broad categories of business law are transactions (involving documents and filings) and litigation (involving disputes). Protecting a business from the outset is the best way to avoid potential problems down the road. Proper documentation in place at the start will help keep a business compliant, maintain clear and enforceable agreements, and hopefully minimize risks of litigation. 


Perhaps no other area of the law is as difficult as the domestic violence case - for the client and the lawyer. With vast experience handling domestic violence cases throughout Southern California, we are ready to meet your needs:  Domestic violence orders. Civil restraining orders. Interpersonal protective orders.  And more.


The state is regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.

In our experience, often the child is in need of protection but other times the parents are in need of protection from encroachment by the state.  We represent both children and parents.

With experience spanning across the full spectrum of child welfare - high-profile, fatality and near-fatality cases, as well as those involving complex medical evidence - we are prepared to address your needs in the child dependency, neglect, and abuse arena.


Everyone facing criminal charges or criminal laws can benefit from consulting with a criminal defense lawyer in the area. But if you or a loved one is arrested for drunk driving, it is even more important to get the best criminal defense available. Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol or driving while intoxicated (DWI) carry punishments from the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as in a court of law, increasing the need for an attorney.


Legal needs come in various shapes and sizes.  We pride ourselves on handling a wide variety of legal issues while maintaining trust with prospective clients.  If your legal issue does not fit into our practice area, we will let you know and work with you to find an attorney to fit your needs.


To develop the convention of legal services in, and beyond, the courtroom that enlighten, empower, and enhance the lives of each on of our clients. 

Parmar Law, believes that the role of an attorney is more than an advocate who goes into court and litigates zealously for clients to give attain their wants and desires, although these things are important. The professionals at Parmar Law prioritize understanding the needs of the family by getting to know the parents and their relationship with his or her children.

Parents are not just a client, they become a part of the family. For Parmar Law, it is critical to understand their clients’ daily routine, trials and successes, and the requirements of the family. The law firm delves into these details in order to become the family’s representative during this process and actually speak the words that the family would use in telling their story, including the unfulfilled needs, the ongoing obstacles, and their future goals.

This is why attorney Ravi Parmar and his dedicated team of Law Firm Affiliates are available to answer questions. Mr. Parmar, his law firm, and its Law Firm Affiliates take pride in the parents becoming part of a team fighting for the rights of their child, not like someone outside of the proceedings who is waiting for others to get justice for their child.




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